Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well, it seems as though I can't handle two things at once. Blogging an Facebooking is a little too difficult for me I guess. Well this summer we have been completely consummed with Cam making the All Star team. She was awsome. She loved it and learned so much for being her first year playing. We were so proud of her.

Our office in California is finally over, but we are still hving to clean up the mess. I don't know if we will ever be done with that.

I lost the hard drive on my computer last month and lost alot of photos. Thank goodness for Blog and facebook. I will atleast have one photo to remember a memory from. I am still mad I lost so many though.

Cam finally decided to get her ears pierced before starting 4th grade. I think she was a little nervous. She loves school.
Hunter started kindergarten and at first I was soooo ready for him to go, but dropping him off his first day and watching him walk in mad me a little sad. I had to take the day off to cope or be by myself I'm not sure which.

Bear Lake was great this year we rushed from Cams last tournament up there and left from there the next weekend and went to Downey for the Rodeo. Bear lake was nice. Everyone with there babies. the kids starting to have crushes on one another. Joel learned to wakeboard and ruptured his ear drum all in the same event. He tried to get a little tricky. Landed an awsome 180 :) and smack. He is now regained hearing thank goodness. We enjoyed a few other trips this year to Pineview & Big Springs.

We have been home two weekends in a row and I am so ready to get out of here.
I can't believe summer is over!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can't wait till it's over!

Well we finally made the decision to close our San Diego office. And the more we get it to it the more crap we find out that has happened without our knowledge. We are in the middle of all sorts of legal mess' I'm afraid. Well that's another story.

Cam just finished her season with Bonnet Ball, for her first year she did awsome. They are talking all-stars now. Which will require most of our summer. Guess we need something to do this summer since our boat is now going back to the factory next week. That's another drama. We took our boat to the shop to get the dash board fixed, which was a warranty issue. But apparently the nimb rod putting it make together couldn't get it to fit so he CUT the main support for the sterring. He CUT IT! So now instead of going boating for Memorial weekend or for the next month for that matter it has to go back to the factory which is in California somewhere. And we are hoping to get it back for a family reunion and Bear Lake in July. We'll see.

Hunter had his Preschool graduation today. He is quite the character. He asked the little boy next to him as they were getting ready to start,
Hunter: Who's mom is that in the pink shirt? Cause she is freaking HOT!
Friend: That's my mom.
Hunter: What she's cute.
Aww, kids. All Joel said was that's my boy.

Joel has been dealing with all the stress of work and the boat fairly well, no major break downs YET! We both are looking forward to summer and vacations. Only 2 more weeks of school for cam and then we are going to go spend some time in Idaho. We haven't done that for a while and it is well needed.

Camryn's team The Lemon Heads!

The kids didn't want to come in one night to get showered and ready for bed. So Joel hosed them off in the front yard. It wasn't quit as warm as they thought it would be.Only in Magna can you bathe your kids on the front lawn. I never realized how redneck we were until this moment.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

HELLO? Is anyone alive out there?

Yes, we are still here. This year has just been one of the most stressful years so far. And its only February. Well we have had an event full one thus far indeed. We spent Christmas up in Idaho, this was the first time in our whole married life that we weren't on a time schedule, the kids could play with their toys as long as they wanted, and we didn't have to worry about anyone but ourselves. And with the crazy storm we had on Christmas we were glad too. I think this will definitely be a tradition from now on.

We have been enjoying the snow this far. And by the first of this month I finally gave in to Joel begging for a new sled. And as most of you know Hunter also has to play with the big boys so.... he got a new sled also. Joel says that it was so we could all have our own and go together. WHATEVER!

In January we went on our annual ABC trip with our supply company. We went to the Caribbean, ABC chartered the whole cruise ship and there were people from all over the US there. We went to the Virgin Islands last year so it pretty much looked the same. We honestly didn't leave our room that much, well except to eat. It was very relaxing. I also got sick the week before we left and got Joel sick while we were there. And after 4 week of being sick after we came home I found out that I had pneumonia. Joel was really great since I couldn't do anything for 2wks. He made the meals, got the kids to and from school, handle things at the office, keeping up with the laundry and the house work. The kids called him Mr. Mom.

Our trip was basically Beaches, Beer(all inclusive; and if you were a drinker this was the place to be, and Bellies(Roofers & Beers pretty much a given)

In Grand Turk They had a Surf thing called Flow Rider. Yeah we want this instead of a pool. Way more fun and a work out.

We decided to take a city tour one day with some other Roofers from Ogden. We had allot of fun with them. And no the two guys in the middle are not gay. That was our first thought as well. :)

My dad has been talking about Hardware Ranch in Hyrum, UT. For the past 10 years, and last weekend we decided to see what it was all about. Well after the 2 hour drive and 20 minute sleigh ride in a circle out in a field we were back on the road again. Eh! I don't know if i would make the trip back out there again.

All the Elk come to this field in the winter for food and protection.

Well I guess that sums up what we have been up to for the past 4 months. And I'm good for the next 4, right? Hopefully not:) I do have plans on putting up my kitchen remodel and the changes we have made to the Idaho house now that it has been a year since moving in.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cam at the trunker treat at the school after the parade.

The family halloween party. Joel hated that he had to dress up.

The hay ride was actually very bumpy and we were glad it only lasted a few minutes.

Hunter thinks he is a real cowboy. And was mad when I wouldn't let him ride the full size mechanical bull. Horrible mother, I know. Ifigured we had mad it 4 years without a broken arm and I wanted to keep it that way.

Jumping on giant bubbles.

They couldn't quit figure the millking out. And honestly neither could I.

Decorating scarecrow princesses.

Cam would have rode the horse all day. I think it was her favorite.

Well we needed a break this weekend so we decided to have a quiet getaway. Not so much with out the kids, but time to be together without any interuptions or a time schedule to go by. I got us a room at the hotel in Lehi, buy Thanksgiving pointe. I have never really been there when they have had big events going on, but it was alot of fun. I think the kids loved it. So after the parade at school and trunker treat we called it good and got out of there. After spending all day walking around we decided to go to the movie. Well the only movie there kid friendly was HSM3, so yes we saw it AGAIN! Me and the kids were glad to see it again. Joel, not so much. He got over it. We spent well deserved time in the pool and decided we definately need a hot tub. We came home well rested and glad to have the break from everything, everyone and reality for a few days.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cam got baptized September 6, 2008. I think people started to think we weren't going to baptize her. Kinda hard when they only do them 1 Saturday a month, and it's camping and boating season. The week before was kinda stress full. Joel and Hunter spent the week in Idaho putting a new roof on our house in Idaho, it looks great. But things worked out great, I tend to stress myself out with preparing for events. Cam looked so pretty. It makes me feel old now. We had allot of family there. The McQuivey's are so great. Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles and Cousins are always all there to support each other in EVERYTHING. But what do you expect when you tell them there will be food involved. And to carry on with our crazy life style we also had two baby blessings that weekend. Luckily one at 9am and the other at 11am. So we were able to hit both. And no I'm still not baby hungry, in case you were wondering. But would love to babysit if anyone needs it.

The kids have been having fun with soccer. I have never really watched Soccer. I like it. Cam's done really good. There are some good little players on her team. As for Hunter they are just learning basic fundamentals. Like kicking it in the right goal. They pretty much just run around each other. And Hunter is more into what kind of treats they get or doing tricks on the grass. I proud of him to be out there trying though. We stay pretty busy with Cam having Cheer on Monday, Dance on Tuesday, Soccer practice on Wednesday and Games on Saturday. And she has even mentioned Singing, Swimming and Riding Lessons. Whew.... maybe next season.